Sunday, January 14, 2007

I havent wrote anything ?

I we been busy, so many thinks have happend, in a short time.

Starting study in here october, thinking I can keep my apartment in Oulu, but something happens ?
One day in november, wery good friend from neighborhood called to me, "you must move away,
these houses are dangerous for your health".
I have friends there, their situation is same ?

So, I must think ? Find another place in Oulu or move to Forssa ?
I found wery good and cheep apartment from here, I moved to Forssa in a christmastime

More later.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I must be here, I have to look this city more..
Forssa is a small town in south Finland, 18.000 peoples. About 50 km from Hämeenlinna to west and 100 km from our capital town Helsinki to north.
This town was built for textile industrie about 1800 near Helsinki and it seems in here!

Pictures of Finlayson factory, nice ?

Loimijoki is a litlle river it goes throw this city. There are several old and very beautiful bridges over that river.

Here is one!

And sight from another bridge

One sunny morning I was walking in a market place and see swans in middle of this city?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sometime you need Friends

Unnop and Pailin, my best Friends, look a picture... ?

Iwe been without work eight months. All my friends were worried about my life so, I think "I have to do something !". Now its done, this will be a start to new life.
Those Friends, they are are member of and I must to tell about Pailin and Unnop. They were help me a lot. Owners of best Thai restaurant in Finland

This is a start of something?

This story tells also how You can help your Friend, many of my Friends help me, I will help You if I can? Most of help I get from

Going to school in Forssa

I start to study telecommunication in Forssa, came here about a week agou. The travel in here was wery nice, I was travelling with Annikki and Jacob Matthan to Rauma. In Rauma we met Kannan, he give me a bed to sleep and show "old Rauma", thanks for him :-)

Next day I go bus to Forssa, get a key from my cousin, who lives in same house and live in a brand new home?

We have a art in here, wery beautiful.

Look like..., Now I get a bed and table here, but look what I see from my vindow?

There are fishes in that lake, that girl in picture get one!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Esas Finnglishblog

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sorry or..

I belong to group named eurosingles (, because I am divorced and looking a new happy to my life.
We manage a meeting to one restaurant in Oulu, okey, same time there were a rock konsert to yuongones ages 10 to 15?
Happening was alcoholfree, cicarettfree, I thouht it is wery good place to meet. Some of us are living with smaller people, this is different day.

I were there whit my es-flag about one hour, I met one woman with her 10y girl , after that manager off restaurant said me;" Internet treffing is not god for young people, you must go".
Most of woman members are living with little human.....

Think about it !

Thursday, August 24, 2006

That one I like !
Bmw M3 2002 Stocmannauto, price is 69.000.
I repair sometihing from inside,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I like motors

What is this ?

Many people have seen it in Oulu, eweryone asks: "what is it ?". It is very funny machine, sound is like racecars, it takes 0 to 50 about four seconds, front tires are then all the time off the road, driver is sometimes only 15 years old ?

This is Berg, tractor, somewhere found, from 50 talents, not original, but working, motor is Volvo b16, about 80 hp, but this is tuned, the owner is going to place a turbo ??

Some off my hobbies is made a laugh off these thinks, they newer get ready these thinks (I hope i must delete this)

We are going to "Jyväskylän suurajot" next weekend and somewhere in there a "little show with Berg", ... ??